Base NameHealth (%)Shield StatusMoneyDescription
Anhalt Station100Off1918794

Gmloco's Home Base

BHP - Now accepting your delicious minerals100Off47911740570

Crossworlds exotic equipment and mods supplier also buyer of silver ore and nomad remains.

Base coords D2FE5661-329BA4D9-EF9251F6-0944775B-21B381EB-61C4DC33-33B6D721

base location 3 / C Omega-7


This Base is a Mobile Trading Base for the general public. This base will move at random times and stay for random durations, with random bargains!


Armed to the teeth with the latest protective net available to Sirius in 819 AS, this stronghold boasts a well-defended factory in the nearby -|R|-Corp Memorial station.

This station is privately owned and operated by [UFLA]-ExDeathevn.

[UFLA] Private Property100Off249831662

Constructed for the United Freelancers Association, this base acts as an equipment transfer facility.

This station is owned and operated by members of the [UFLA].


This facility, holding from the beginning, is a monument and memorial to the once mighty -|R|- Corporation, a conglomerate faction from Archy's Universe in days gone by.

With its secure location and vast defence network, the -|R|- stations continue to uphold the standards of a proud enterprise and stockmarket leadership.

This station is privately owned and opperated by [UFLA]-ExDeathevn.


Forward operations base for the Coalition's Cosmonaut Army

First Church of CrossWorlds100Off8018174968

This base is the HQ for Paulus VIPs. Owned by Admin.

Eureka Stockade100Off759207749

Celestial Fortress of Divine Judgement100Off12411546

This sacred ground protects the territory that binds Evil to Good in the cycle that is Yin and Yang. In order to maintain the status quo, it operates on a "Come one, come all" zoner policy.

However, this facility operates in such a unique level that finding it requires mastery of the Force, Affinity to all elements, a sacred toking of the Good Vibe, and the masterminding of quantum physics.

This station is owned by [REC]-ExDeathevn.

Thraags Cathne Base100Off2155053351

Restricted access base, Owner MUST be contacted before ANY attempt is made to enter base area uncloaked, Will be made Green for customers on short term basis, Please read Forum post for details,


The ORDER clan has been disbanded. These are no longer ORDER bases and have no clan affiliation.

If and when base rename functions become available these bases will be renamed to reflect their new status.

Admin Race Base100Off1861978