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Battles Filming
20-01-2013, 04:26 PM
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Battles Filming
Finishing off a an old request.
Filming in a system battle has been granted.

Their can only ever be one spectator. This Spectator must be tagged [CAM] or the like.
Said spectator would be there for the specific purpose of filming a battle.
Said spectator would have to be in a camera ship.
1) Get permission from both clan leaders.
2) Inform admin present so the admin can confirm with leaders.
3) Done.

If you do not have permission from even one leader, may as well not even ask the admin.

*The rights of the films are to be available to both leaders to be available for their clans to see, at least on a public hosting space like youtube. Any over 18 content that appears should be edited out.

Any queries or questions please respond on the Battles Feedback section.

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