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Checkov on notice
24-06-2014, 07:50 AM
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Checkov on notice
In response to Checkovs latest usual dribble.
Wow, thanks for visiting Checkov, we know you love us here and keep coming back even when not welcome. I am going to take it you were drunk or intoxicated in some way when making that post as your art skills leave much to be desired Tongue

Everyone, well most long-time gamers, knows the history by this person. Being banned several times by several servers over the years. Being banned by several different servers and ESPECIALLY 'different admin' shows this person is UNSTABLE and unable to function in the online community successfully. Especially if you do not agree with what he says or advises.

There are many servers out there running I am sure people can still play. We are proud to have been a big part of the online Freelancer community not only in Au but in partnership with Freelancer admins around the world.

We apologise if you have been a victim of this person in the past but he has been removed as quickly as possible as well as any others like him and will continue to do so. That security you can be sure will always stay on this server and with people like us, who have seen the truth.

We are glad you have stayed loyal to our server and community all these years and look forward to seeing you in the Star Citizen future!

We have stayed strong together, we still play hard and we train. We will be in there, those that want us come find us! But beware (mainly to checkov), if you repeat your usual behaviour as I am sure it is an integral part of your nature now, then history will repeat and we will be there not surprised and smiling! Smile Smile

P.S. - Personally to Checkov. It has been unfortunate you have stuffed playing freelancer up for yourself not once, not twice, not three.. (should i keep going) and more unfortunate that you cannot see why but keep repeating it.
Your revenge list must be so very big with all the admins you have blamed over the years. lol Tongue
If you are going to threaten us (Paulus, myself, Anubis and Thraag) haha Thraag wth???, as much as it is hard to be scared by you, please have more than 3 other people in your clan.
You on the other hand, should be ready for us. We will be coming from within nor do we forget! Wink

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