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Server Status and the Future
25-04-2014, 11:00 PM
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Information Server Status and the Future
Greetings Friends,

It is with great sadness and regret that I make the following post concerning our server. Also I would like to apologise for not having made this post sooner.

As many know around Thursday the 10th of April our server went offline. The cause of this was due to a massive DDOS attack that caused issues for our server provider and the server itself; but this DDOS was also aimed at the other Discovery servers also.

Due to the nature of the attack and the affect on our server provider's network, they immediately shut down our server and it was eventually removed and deleted entirely.
As I had posted at the time; another issue also arose with our provider concerning their TOS, however due to the DDOS attack our provider had already decided that the server would no longer be allowed to operate.

I was in contact with our server provider and to be honest I could see their side of the issue as this attack had affected their network and other clients as well as the server itself. I left on good terms with our provider.

Unfortunately due to the attack and also I bare responsibility; we no longer have our player files or any recent configuration files. We did have a couple backups, but they were stored on our server... Sad
Therefore if we or someone were to start up a new server, everyone would have to start from scratch and the server admin would need to rebuild the desired configuration.

I would like to thank each and everyone that has been apart of our server over the last couple years, but also those who were on Archy's and the whole community.
We've had many great times and memories, and I wish everyone well and hope to see us all back together in Star Citizen! Smile

I would also like to thank our Admin team; you all did a great job, especially while I was inactive of late, and I'm sure the community as a whole also very much appreciated the hard work you all put in so that we could have a fun server to play on Smile

Also a big thank you to the community for your support of the server and contributions to the rest of the community! Smile

Currently I have no plans to close the forums, so hopefully we can all keep in contact till at least Star Citizen which I'm sure by then there would be a new forum for us all to call home Smile

Again a big thank you to everyone, from those who played, to those who donated, to those who helped with the running of the server and events and also others out in the greater Discovery community who helped each others server community with tools and knowledge etc...
A big thank you to you all! Smile

Take care everyone, keep safe and keep in touch Big Grin

Till next time,
Paulus Smile

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25-04-2014, 11:12 PM (This post was last modified: 25-04-2014 11:27 PM by ATOMIC.)
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RE: Server Status and the Future
Such very brave words my friend.
I'm sure the decision to make this very touch and solemn call was gut wrenching to say the least.
I want to say a very big "Thank You" for the memories our time together has been very fun and entertaining.
I personally am very sad to hear this news.
As a veteran player myself of Freelancer from the most earliest of days of Freelancer in 2003.
I am heart broken to see a time of 11 years of my life coming to a close.
But as they say "One door closes and another lays open" waiting for the brave to walk in and claim it.
We shall claim that door, that creak in a door not too far from here in the world of "Star Citizen".
We will find the glory of the olden days and bring our hordes and masses to bear down upon the Universe before us.

"Salvation and Glory" is all in our path which lays ahead of us.

It's been a very long time this "Love Affair" many of us have had with Freelancer.
The Mistress to all our hidden dreams and desires in Space and Exploration of space.
She will be sorely missed and cried over for all the fun and glory she has given many of us.

- Good Vibes brothers and Sisters and may we "ALL" keep in touch.

For those who want to know the - Prior ATOMIC here are my details below.

Skype - the.prior.atomic
X-Fire - dobranoc
Steam - dobranoc

Either that or just PM me with your contact details and well keep in touch!

Oh and who here is playing on the 24/7 server or what other games might you be shagging a finger frag on? Ha-ha

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