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4.87 Update 6 (Don't worry, not for us)
09-03-2014, 12:03 PM
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4.87 Update 6 (Don't worry, not for us)
So, as linked here:
The official and current Discovery mod was recently updated once again. While it doesn't affect us here on Paulus' server any more, I thought I'd take the time to mention this as I have both our and the official version still installed and operate ships on both the official and our servers.

Fortunately for us, due to our 'giving up' on .87, we don't have the issue metioned in the above link of having our account files causing compatibility issues.

For anyone still keeping track, the 4.84 Update 6 listed fixes include:
Discovery 4.87 Wrote:- Added Beginner restart.
- New Kusari VHFs by Durandal.
- Improved rewrite of shipcompat plugin by Kazinsal.
- Fix for ammolimit plugin (the "tractor bug") by Adoxa
- Major layout overhaul for Omega and Omicron systems.
- Minor tweaks to Bretonia systems layout.
- Cosmetic updates to Chester.
- Empty/removed systems have a 1-way jumphole out of the system.
- Cloak effects for human and nomad variations adjusted.
- Phase 2 of snubcraft equipment balance overhaul.
- Fixed the general shipcompat issue with bomber torps on SHFs.
- Fixed the IFF of Java Station platforms.
- Fixed Outcast snubs engine infocards.
- Added shieldbuster Nomad laser.
- Added DEFILER wreck to Omicron Minor graveyard.
- Added sellpoints for some of the lower-end codenames.
- Reverted cap ship battlerazors to their 4.86 state.
- Adjusted ship sellpoints on Outcast & Molly bases.
- Added event commodities. Can be granted by server admins.
- Enabled Fluorine and Alien Organisms mining for Planetform.
- Added a bonus for house freighter on mining corporation IDs.
- Fixed the issue which was making stationary asteroid miners dockable.
- Fixed planet mooring fixtures to allow safe undocking for larger ships.
- Some bases missing ship dealers have had the appropriate rooms added.
- Reclassified existing Kusari VHFs as heavy fighters.
- Reclassified repair ships as super heavy fighters.
- Fixed the asymmetric hardpoints on Bastet.
- Fixed Siashi torpedo hardpoint firing arc.
- Fixed Civilian Shuttle's cruise speed.
- Purchasable engines added for Gunboats and Transports.
- Added lawful weapons to Zwickau Depot and Hikone Base.
- Hispanic Omicrons system layout extensively revised.
- Omega-49, Cayman, and Omega-47 system layouts revised.
- Omicron-74 no longer a full Guard system. Livadia Shipyard is the only Guard base.
- Adjusted exclusion zones in Omicron-85 to make access between bases easier.
- Moved a sun in Nagano to form a binary pair instead of three isolated suns.
- Various balance adjustments.
- Various techcompat fixes.
- Various infocard fixes.
- Various rephack fixes.
- Various economy fixes.

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