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The Jump Drive Topic:
04-01-2014, 09:27 PM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2014 10:06 PM by DarkAngel~Gabriel.)
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Question The Jump Drive Topic:
Greetings all, Gab here I trust we all had a good Christmas and that we all have lots of plans for the new year yes? Anyway I'm here to voice my opinion on the Jump Drive issue, and to suggest some new idea's and/or rules for the admins. I've spoken with a few people about my idea's "such as Atomic" and they believe I should make a thread on the subject. So with out further or due here is my thread and I hope you all find it enjoyable and enlightening Cool .

Activity on the Server:
Now I'm quite certain a few people "If not all" have noticed an increasing decline in server activity here on Paulus's yes? Many people have said various things as to why activity has decreased on Paulus's these include:

*People becoming bored of Freelancer, because its an aging game.
*New games being released.
*No clan activity.
*No Pirate Activity.
*No MERC/UFLA Activity.
*No server bad guy/s such as AsG or [Blood] causing trouble anymore.
*Low admin Activity.
*Nothing fun to do such as events.
*Lack of System Battles "Which goes hand in hand with Low Clan Activity".
*Changes done to the new Mod.
*No one talk to or have fun with.
*Disliking towards the whole VIP system.
*Disliking to the New Jump Drive Rules.
*All of the Above and More, Etc.

And these are just to name a few but this thread is more about the Jump Drives rule. Initially the Admins stated that limiting Jump Drives for Trade Ships would be good for the server, and would increase Pirate Activity, and there for would make things a lot more fun, now that's all well and good but there is one key floor to this idea......and that is there is no server bad guy or evil Clan. On Arhcy's Portal we had the Blood Legion, or simply called [Blood] who would go around causing trouble, on the Exiles Community again it was the Blood Legion, and on Paulus's 4.86 we had Ascension Gaming or better known as <AsG> who where the antagonists. There where also a few others such as the Captains or [CKC] (on a limited scale), how ever there where sometimes complaints about the availability of Jump Drives, which made if difficult for pirates to well Pirate? And while this was true I will it doesn't take a brainy-act to keep a ship at each end of the Trade route, or to allow Pirates to Jump Capable ships in order to chase down the Traders? This has been an interesting topic, discussed quite a few times but it always ended with "Letting Pirates use Battleships is unfair", I myself disagree and state that it's part of the game and that if Traders want better protection from Pirates in Battleship then either A: Bring your friends or clan members along with you, or B: Hire MERC's/UFLA not that difficult....but we have to bare in mind that trader's are often pig headed, and greedy. So when the 4.87 came out the Admins decided to restrict Jump Drives on Trade vessels to one per clan or to VIP's, stating that it would increase pirate activity and make things more fun......well I've been monitoring server numbers and Admins....hate to say it but you guys where wrong? Ever since these changes came in there has been a decrease in activity, and the only Pirate that I have heard about was a certain someone using a CCA tag? And even then these have been rare. So I'm here to suggest some changes that could bring back the huge numbers we once had back on Paulus 4.86.

Bringing Back the Jump Drives for Trade Ships:
Now there are mixed opinions with this, some say "yes" to have Jump Drives on Trade Ships, some say "No", and others say "I don't really care". I for believe that Trade Ships should be able to use Jump Drive when ever they want and on how many ships they want, not just because your a VIP, if a clan or individual builds a base that can make Jump Drives then I think they should be in-tilted to use them on what ever ship they want. And from some of the conversations I've had with numerous people, most of them where pretty annoyed about losing there Jump Drive privileges. And for a lot of those people that is why they either stopped playing Freelancer altogether or why they rarely play Freelancer , because despite what certain people might say, most people proffer to make money asap, meaning the quickest and easiest way possible. I for one hate trading altogether with or with out Jump Drives but if I had choice I'd go with the Jump Drive. Now the problem that the admins will point out is "Oh if we bring back Jump Drives then the Pirates won't be able to get them as easily" well that's not really a problem at the moment because for starters there are no Pirates, and second if you want Pirates to be able to chase down Traders with JD's then allow Pirates to use Jump Capable ships its quite simple really? Now I know what the Admin will say next and that is "But if we let them use Battleships to Pirate then the Traders will get slaughtered", and as I said earlier there is a way around that, again those are:

*Traders can either Bring there Friend or Clan members to provide protections.
*Traders can Hire MERC's for Protection.

As I said its simple, but the Admins still like the Idea and even if it was introduced Traders will still be too Greedy and Pig Headed to do the smart thing and get Protection. So that knocks that idea back to scare one......until now Wink , Tongue .

My Suggestions:
Now to get around this Problem I've thought up some ways that I believe will make the game more interesting and will get back the activity we once had on 4.86.

For starters I say that we allow Pirates to use Battleships, Dreadnaughts, Carriers, and Battle-cruisers. So that they can chase down Trade ships using JD's. Which will solve the issue about Pirates not being able to chase down Traders using JD's, how ever I say that at the same time the Pirate/s should be limited to what kind of Battleships, Dreadnaughts or Carriers they can use, here are some of my thoughts:

Option One: Pirates may only be permitted to use Cap-Ships who's Hull does not exceed Nine Hundred Thousand. This means that although Pirates will be able to use Cap-Ships for Pirating they will only be able to use lighter Cap-Ships such as the Liberty Dreadnaught, Bretonian Battleship, Osiris, Hessian Battleship, Outcast Battleship, etc. Which means that if the Trader hires MERC's or brings Clan members with them they can bring the heavier Cap-ships to Protect them against the smaller Pirate vessels, which as a result could increase activity in all area's Clan/s, Pirates, and MERC's so it could be a win, win. And if the Trader is to dimwitted, and/or Greedy to bring protection well then.....its there own fault if they get killed by a Pirate.

Option Two: Pirates May use Cap-ships for Pirating but the ships can not exceed over 100mill Hull. Again Pirates will only be aloud to use Lighter Cap-Ships but can also use something a little Tougher like the Corsair or Outcast Dreadnaught's. Which again if the Trader Hires the right muscle they can be a lot safer, if not well again its there own fault if they get slaughtered.

The reason I suggest these restrictions for Pirates in Cap-Ships if because it'd be a little unfair if the Pirate sat outside a planet of Base with Something Like a Valor, or Juggernaut, or even a Nomad Battleship........I mean come on we want to let the Pirates have more fun and Freedom but not that much lol!

Now I know what people are going to say next.

A Battleship is still a Battleship regardless of Hull strength and Fire-Power. How ever I have come prepared to counter this argument Cool . And that counter is:

*Pirates using Battleships for Pirating may only Pirate and/or Tax trade ships that are using a Jump Drive themselves. Because when you think about it there are still a portion of people who proffer to trade the old fashion way and it'd be a little unfair if Battleships where aloud to harass them. So my suggestion to this is, yes traders can use Jump Drives if they please but they best be prepared for encounters against Pirates in Battleships, so in a way there will be Pro's and Con's to both sides?

Jump Drive Pro's:
*You Can get from one point to the other a lot Quicker.
*You Make money a lot Quicker.
*You Can get away from Trouble a lot easier.
*Supplying Base's it a lot easier, and Quicker.
*Trading while Multi-Loging is a lot easier, and Safer(mostly).
*Since Trading is Quicker it gives you more time for funner activities.

Jump Drive Con's:
*Jump Drives Tack up cargo space.
*Need Extra cargo space for Hfuel or Oil.
*When you jump your shields fail temporarily making you more vulnerable to attack.
*Jumps can be inaccurate, which can lead to death.
*Jumping frequently means you'll have to spend extra money on Hfuel or Oil.
*You are vulnerable while the Jump Drive is charging.
*Need to enter in coordinates which can make you more vulnerable.
*Battleships may Pirate or Tax you (If the rule gets added).
*Need to Buy the Jump Drive in the First place Tongue .

None-Jump Drive Pro's:
*Don't need to spend money on a Jump Drive.
*Don't have to waist cargo space on a Jump Drive.
*Save more money because you don't have to buy Hfuel or Oil.
*Save Cargo Space because you don't have to buy Hfuel or Oil.
*Don't have to wait for Jump Drive to charge.
*Don't have to enter Jump Coordinates.
*Can enjoy the view while traveling from place to place.
*Don't have to worry about Battleships, Dreadnaughts, or Heavy Carriers attacking you (If the rule gets added).

None-Jump Drive Con's:
*Takes Longer to get from place to place.
*Takes Longer to make money.
*Can get very boring after long periods of time.
*Is harder to get away from Pirates.
*Can be an easier target for Pirates.
*Supplying bases is more difficult(depending on location).
*Getting Supplies to build a base is more Difficult.
*Multi-Log trading is more difficult, and can be more dangerous if a Pirate attack occurs.
*Trade Lanes :/ .
*Jump Gates, and Wholes.

Anyway here are all the Pro's and Con's I could think of if any of you have any more to add or suggest please don't hesitate to voice them Cool .

What this could do for the server:
The Admins have told me many times that there main goals are to ensure everyone has fun, in a fair environment, and to try and make as much of the server as happy as possible. How ever restricting Jump Drives in my opinion hasn't made things better and has annoyed several people, which has reduced our server population. I remember back on Paulus 4.86 when we'd have over 30 people playing at times......I miss that and would love to see those numbers return and I believe that by adding my suggestions into the rules of the server we could easily re-establish the number we once had......and continue to shove those states in the faces of that snobby Disco-Team and there lame brain server Tongue , because seriously our server is like the laid back cool AUSSIE! cousin of the Discovery server and there lame rules they enforce on everyone.

By allowing these new rules Pirate activity may start to increase, which will make traders using jump drives be more wherry of attack by Pirates in Battleships. Which in turn could force Traders to get there clans more active so that they will have more protection or will force Traders to Hire MERC's, which could stimulate activity all area's on the server thus making the game more fun, for all Cool . I'd like to express that I said "It could increase activity on the server" there's no full guarantee that things will improve?

The VIP system:
I need to say this because a lot of people are thinking it? This whole VIP system is a complete load of S@#t! I'm sorry if this upsets you Faemon or Anubis but it is. We already have to Rep in order to get Exotic rep, which can get very boring and repetitive, and again I'm not the only one that thinks that at least 75% (roughly) of people that play on this server and who've spoken to think it's crap. Only a small number of people actually like it from what I've gathered? VIP status should be done like it was on 4.86, where you could get a Venita, Battle-Star II, Thor Mk II, etc. Not something that should for everyone, especially if they put the time in to make the money to buy them, or gather the resources to make Jump Drives themselves, as well as building and upgrading the base's to produce them.....its quite unfair when someone says if you want something that could make the server better says "Oh no only VIP's can have them".....sorry if I seem harsh guys but I have to call you out on it, again it was pretty stupid, and again I'm not the only one that thinks that and I think in the interest of making majority if not all the people on server happy then you should bring back jump drive's for all and maybe use some of my idea's for rules?

Anyway everyone hope you enjoyed this thread, and I'll try get a pole up soon as well. Also feel free to voice your opinion/s and I hope for your support in bringing back Jump Drives for Traders Cool .

Regards, DarkAngel~Gabriel.

PS: Sorry for any spelling mistakes, errors, or bad language.

No One Can Stop Death!
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05-01-2014, 12:58 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
You say voicing my opinion? Well next time I see you in space I will kill you for being late in posting this fantastic and logical topic. Thank you Gabriel, I truly believe that you have spoken for 80% of the existing server population and those that have left.

Admins..pls...pls...pls seriously consider what he have just said for the good of the a days it feels like deserted place.
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05-01-2014, 02:02 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
That is all well and good for clan related players who can "bring their friends around" to help them against pirates in battleships but to quote myself while still in Archy's (and being one of those greedy traders) "if you can't kill a trader in a svhf you are hopeless".
As for the lack of players since the new mod change came out , check the other servers, they are all low and maybe a celebration called Christmas got in the way a bit,
I have been on the server every day except Christmas day and did'nt notice you flying around anywhere "making up the numbers"
I don't know where you get your jump drive experience but
(A) You can still go into cruise while your jump drive is charging
(B) The cost of jump drive can be reclaimed in a few short hours of trading
© Your shields can be replenished (if needed) immediately from your onboard store
(B) You only need to carry 100 units of fuel which will last several jumps
© if you did your surveys properly you will be only a short distance from dock
(d) With 3 thousand hours trading with a jump drive + hundreds of jumps with Battleships I have only died maybe 10 times
There is absolutely no escape from a Battleship which is stationed (by a pirate) near any trade route which also has a jump drive, and why should any player have to pay some lazy $%^$ who wants to sit on his/her backside and claim money for doing nothing, I never pay pirates and have no opinion on them as they are not worth having an opinion about, I can never understand the "attraction" this server has for pirates ? can anyone name one pirate player who has done anything constructive on the server ? , from my experience as a multi-logging greedy trader is that pirates are happy to attack a trader with bombers, Gunships, Destroyers and Cruisers but if you turn up with a similar ship they are nowhere to be found, I once had the fun of being attacked by a destroyer who though my level 74 ship was a trader and lost sight of him when he found out I was a cruiser !!! (and I am the worst pvp player in the world) if a pirate attacks my traders I feel justified in attacking that pirate with whatever I can get there first,
The only people who complain about the V.I.P system are those that are unwilling to spend either the hours (gaining reps) or the hard cash donated to the server, After all there are enough Big ships around without getting a VIP one. I never used a VIP ship until I won the auction for the custom ship (a Liner).....BUT I was surprised by the lack of enthusiasm from the other players who had the opportunity to bid.
But the big Battleships etc, might get one this time around

I do like jump drives for trading but if you are going to give them to pirate Battleships !!! forget it, I will go back to my old trading routes with a Battleship at every base along the route (ah the good old days)
you see not only am I a greedy trader but I have the time (retired) and patience (and characters) to wait out any pirate, And I can do missions in another system while your friendly pirate waits outside the base, I have always thought that three pc's are better than one Smile
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05-01-2014, 03:12 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
Want to mention just two things Thraag.
First is, non-clan players can hire other freelancers, Mercenaries and off-course our friendly and moody UFLA boyz. It will give the players to do something interesting other than trading and mining, which can become boring for many too quickly.
Second is, a bad guy or a pirate or a pirate clan is constructive in itself by giving other players some needed adrenalin boost. Also, they give us a reason to work hard in game, plan our routes and get new ships/modification to defeat them.
For pirate battleships, I agree with you that it will be too much disadvantage for a trader, pirates should be limited to Cruises and Battlecruisers only.
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05-01-2014, 03:53 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
I CAN enjoy myself in this game and have done since its earliest introduction without the need to employ other players against pirates, My solution is simple ........before the facility of multi-logging I would simply dock my attacked ship (pirates are generally slow on uptake) and out wait them out while I played WOW or other game on other pc, I find that the concentration of "pirate" players to be extremely short . the longest I have had to wait for them to "go away" (being polite) is 40 minutes, which in itself was a record, my belief is that the player fell asleep and was woken by his/her mother Smile
Now I simply use another character in another system and either trade or mission with that one. I can and have had up to six characters either employed in that fashion or docked on more than one occasion
I am not playing this game and using my time to fatten the purse of another player, and there is no way I can believe that a pirate clan is constructive, =CKC= might be considered in that way but as a clan they were not that effective against Rave or -R- . and once you know what ships they used to pirate not much good in that fashion either, On Archys I had pirates practically stacked along my trade routes with a decoy ship of mine docked in Tokyo and I was doing missions in gamma !!! what a joke Smile
Blood was renowned as a "bad" clan but I never had any dispute with them I didnt bother them they didnt bother me
The only way I have been "pirated" on this server is when I was in docking mode and was unable to move my ship.....what a hero that guy was (in a Battleship with jump drive).
And what a fantastic job they (=CKC=) did in being constructive ???? = nothing=nada=zero
I have found that some players think its heroic to attack another player when he/she is docking or involved (actually fighting) in a mission and is distracted by npc ships and is down on shields and nanos but dont seem to want to do the same thing if the ships are equal and just flying around .
BUT ITS ALL PART OF THE GAME ........................
funny they dont say that when they die Smile
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05-01-2014, 04:52 AM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2014 05:12 AM by DocLoBell.)
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
First of all I really don't care about jump trading.Yes it is fast and you get filthy rich.Problem I see is the clans we did have was just spoiled.We lost our jumpers they left.The server will come back and we all will be happy.KSF is here always will be.My people are dealing with real life and they will return.Running a server costs real money and the Admin wanted to make it a VIP server to help in costs of running this server.Now you guys crying about loosing jumpers are you going to fork out some real cash in running the server.Just my 2 cents worth

Just another point here friends this mod is still beta.50% of why people left was the glitches in it.When the finale release comes out and Famon makes a few tweeks to the server I bet ya we are back to the old glory days.
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05-01-2014, 05:33 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
I support this topic. I do believe that jump trading should be allowed, be it the player chooses. It is an easier and safer mode of transport due to the fact that Pirates and bandits all just LOVE to attack us when we are trading regularly. EVERYONE, loves to kill transports. Jump trading is a safer mode of going from one place to the other in a split minute. I SUPPORT THIS PETITION.

Petition approved by,


~Kraken, The Beloved Force Of Destruction And Chaos..
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05-01-2014, 05:49 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
Jus putting in my two Cents here. First off...I didn't want to be here. I was asked by my good friend Gabe and so shall it be. Now off to business.

The first point I want to establish here is that on my Home server.....our player number has gone up significantly. Now I don't know if that is a cause of you guys here losing so many players here but it seems that the slack is coming to our server. Heck we even have AsG over there. Its gonna be good fun.

Second point I want to bring up is that I think this is a wonderful Idea. First off you have an option whether or not to use a JD. Plus I think its going to be hard to track Exactly where a trader is to ask for bounty or other things. Gabe you forgot to mention that you can set up your Co-ordinates so that you appear away from the point that the pirates think you are going to appear.

Third Point is that not many people have the time to sit here and trade all day and night to make the credits that is required for whatever you want to do (I won't pry). Some may have to go to work or school. Yes we all understand that it requires money to hold a server up like this but...why do you buy things you simply cannot afford without the help of others? How did this server get started in the first place if you could not afford it? All I'm saying is that if you want to run something like this you better have the moolah to keep it on its feet. Yeah I understand supplemental cash to help but that doesn't mean those certain people get a gold throne for life. The rewards should be temporary. And if you have a problem with that then we come back to the problem that some people just don't have the money to continuously pay. Hey it was good while it lasted right?

Fourth Point is that some pirates can be constructive. You ever get that feeling when flying along looking at the scenery and fighting off NPC's that are no match for your well equipped trader and you start to do crazy things like make your hands fight each other to the death or window mode your game and finally play the online game you were looking at earlier? Isn't that just boring? I mean you must be bored if you do things similar to what I'm talking about now. And if you say you haven't done them, you sir or madam are lying through your polished teeth. Pirates spice up the community and they make things a little less boring. Don't you enjoy the feel of a chase? I think that this game gets all our hearts pumping at some point. That's why we here all still play. Because its fun and entertaining. Heck throw new games away to play this one. That's just me though.

Well. That's my opinion and I know some won't enjoy reading but there it is. Thanks for the topic Gabe. I couldn't have put it together better myself. Really I couldn't. You are the only one for the job.

~Its only a Title when someone else has given it to you.

[Image: Grey_Shadow.png]
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05-01-2014, 06:46 AM
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

Gabe, welcome back! I can see you are well rested and full of energy, I think your post was a giveaway, lol. You are right, the server numbers have declined and the reasons that you have listed probably had a lot to do with this. As, Thraag has already pointed out the fact that the numbers went down is not unique to our server but rather a cumulative effect of all the issues across all servers. I think the biggest contributor to the whole problem is the new mod but not for the reasons that everyone has mentioned in all the previous posts.

Whenever you have to invest time and effort in something new you will loose a lot of people unless there is an upside. Unfortunately, the new mod does not have an upside!!! It is basically the same as the old mod except for few extra ships. There really is nothing new for players to be exited about unlike the 486 which added bases, jump drives, survey module and, docking modules. The mod is also poorly designed and full of bugs. It is my opinion that this is what is primarily responsible for the lack of the server activity and then there is everything else that you have mentioned.

We could look into making some changes if that will help with the server activity but we first need to be convinced that those changes would be beneficial. As is evidenced even by your own thread it is not clear what the server population as a whole would prefer. Here is what I believe, at this stage pirating (types of ships and jump drives) are not going to effect the numbers of server in any significant way. Jump drives for transports might have slightly better results. Messing around with the VIP system will negative results and will not be beneficial to the server. While the numbers have declined the VIPs have been the back bone of the server and hence they are of benefit the server. Gabe, remember this, there will always be the have and have not, with the VIP's being the former and the majority being the latter. This is how it is on the server and this is haw it is in real life. The have not category never really likes the have category, this is simply how things work in life. The best that we can do here is to give everyone same opportunity to acquire the VIP status, and the rest is up to you. Here you have the opportunity to acquire VIP status with cash or hard work, your choice. Gabe, I feel for you because like you and unlike Thaag I hate spending my time trading.

The bottom line here is that if we get a consensus here on the server we can look into making some changes but until then no changes to the existing system will be made. Any changes will have to benefit the server as a whole and that is why most of you will have to agree on the changes that you want; good luck with that.

Once again, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Best wishes,

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05-01-2014, 01:18 PM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2014 01:21 PM by samuel.)
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RE: The Jump Drive Topic:
My 2 cents worth now. I agree with you all the way gabe. their is just nothing happening on the server no clan battles no events and nothing to do i tried to build a base but couldn't find all the new commodities i needed,i spent ages trading but kept on getting killed by trade lanes i even tried pirating but their is barely anyone on the server to pirate and without a jump capable ship it takes ages before you can find anyone.

I remember my best experience on freelancer was when faemon just gave me some kronks and then the two captains ambushed me on my way to Pennsylvania.
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