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Full Version: Chris Roberts - Maker of Freelancer and Privateer making new game
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Yo Yo,

Have a look guys and tell me what you think?

Chris Roberts (who made Wing Commander, Freelancer
and worked on many others) has a new project in the works. It is years
away but he is looking for player input. Register here to see what is
Well, I've got my golden ticket Smile

Ha-ha...yeah man.

The Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory of the pHat pant hipster.
WooT. Big Grin
Tickets are for those who apply to the site before the announcement. Good to see its still being found before then.
Signed up a couple of days ago myself, although i didn''t say too much because it might be a new title or a new wing commander game instead of a new Freelancer game.
Carrier - Bridge Details

Just a teaser released on the site for anyone who hasn't signed up.

If you notice the size of the ship compared to the sketch of people in the bridge, seems like this might have realistic scaling unlike Freelancers Battleships the size of some planets. Haha.

Looks like it's going to be a fairly detailed game Wink

Also, Ares, there's a whole section for freelancer people:
Hey hey,
Nice spreading of the vibe man.
Yeah the detail and furvour of all the old school grampas who played Wing Commander and us Freelancer Yobo hactacks is phenominal.
The number of speerheaded happy joy posts about the ABC and the man on the moon is nutz.

From my Vibe O Meter I say the new game will be Lone Star project reborn from the ashes of 2007. Have a look at the Video for Tech Demo on you-tube to wet your pants. lol
Imagine this with todays hard core 3GB Graphics cards and 384bit memory busses. He-he.

Love and Vibe is what it's all about baby. Smile
Reply to this thread if anyone feels like spreading the vibe on the RSI Forums.


Or perhaps this thread also:
What setting would you prefer?

A quasi-persistent world game like Freelancer (38%, 401 Votes)
An open world like Privateer (25%, 260 Votes)
A linear, cinematic story like Wing Commander (19%, 194 Votes)
One huge MMO like Eve Online (12%, 123 Votes)
Something else entirely (6%, 59 Votes)
A multiplayer-focused game like Armada (0%, 9 Votes)

Good to see we're winning something on there for once.
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