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Full Version: Sensible New Rule.
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Something we have had before and now will be carried over from Archys PORTAL due to the increased numbers of new people and encounters.

No Player may attack a known NEW PLAYER at rank 21 or lower.

This is a completely reasonable request as it helps stimulate the server.
If I hop on to make a new character and I have just bribed the Zoners (because that is what I do) and left Penn through the Pennysylvania jumpgate and Atomic is there waiting for me in his pimped out flash cruiser. (not battle cruiser)
He could attack me no prob even if I was level 4.

If you do not know the character is new, or have any doubts that the character is new, then IT IS NOT SAFE TO ATTACK THEM.

Ask some people and ask them, themselves. Most people are nice and really good to speak to and are just wanting a fair go at starting out.

*Admins reserve the right to adjust/edit this post as they see fit over time.
*if you are not sure. Check. This rule will be added to the main server rules list.

Thank you for your time and fly straight and true dudes, dudettes and all little dudes who play! Tongue Wink Smile
Reasonable enough.
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