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Full Version: Exotic Faction Reputation - Hellfire Legion, Phantom, Nomad & Wild
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As the beginning of Sirius Achievements, everyone will need to work towards goals if they wish to obtain any of the exotic faction reputations: Coalition, Hellfire Legion, Phantom, Nomad & Wild and the Reapers of Sirius.

These factions will be available to all but not as restarts as restarts make it far to easy for folk to obtain these exotic reputations Tongue
Instead if you want to obtain one of the exotic factions, you will need to build a certain amount of Military Guard factions to full green, and then trade them for your choice of full rep with any of the exotic factions of your choice.

The only valid full Guard reputations will be those of the house military; as they cannot be bribed.

Below are the required numbers of full Military Guard factions needed to obtain each exotic factions reputation:
  • Wild: 4 Full Military Guard factions are needed[/b]
  • Hellfire Legion: 2 Full Military Guard factions are needed
  • Phantoms: 3 Full Military Guard factions are needed
  • Nomad: 4 Full Military Guard factions are needed

There are numerous advantages to our approach. First, it works on a simple premise that effort and loyalty to the server needs to be rewarded. Hence people who will put in the effort will get rewarded for it with having one or all exotic reps on a single character.

Also, players who will have all exotic reps on one character will be given special status on the server which will provide additional benefits.
The status and the benefits are still in development and will be posted as soon as they ready.
Great concept
I concur indeed, I also believe it to be a good concept and credit where credit is due; this concept was from Anubis Smile
Thanks Mate, but I call it Teamwork!
Great concept, getting Nomad/Wild sounds like a fun one to try. Big Grin set, um... nomad lasers for epicness Smile
i like the concept, what guard reps are valid? and what are a waste of time? might start on it, sounds fun...
The only guards that can be used are the 4 house military ones; the ones that can't be bribed Tongue
Just to clear up a point.
Say I get my required 'Guard' rep's and am in a ship that I happen to want to keep, Rogue destroyer (say pilot 1) for instance can I use that (Nomad) rep on another character (pilot 2) ?. Keeping in mind that the existing reps gained by pilot one cannot be used again to obtain Exotic reputations.
I tried while on Exiles to fly a ship from every faction (that had decent ships) and would like to try that again here. It would still mean I have to use a different character to obtain each exotic rep but if I am in a good ship that has already got a good rep from a faction (Zoners or Gallia for instance) I dont want have to lose that ship when I gain the required number of 'Guard reps'.
Hey Thraag,

Once you have maxed out four military guard reps and want to exchange them for a Nomad rep, Paulus will reset the four guard reps back to red and will give you a Nomad rep.

If you ask him nicely I am sure he will accommodate you and will add your newly acquired Nomad rep to the char that you want.

Hope that helps Mate,

Wink well i have all exotic reps, and look forward in seeing benifits once development is complete Big Grin
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